The Lightning Strikes series


fp-booksThe Lightning Strikes series aims to encourage a love of reading in children aged 8-14 years. These modern, catchy books will appeal to a new generation of readers demanding fast-paced stories with plenty of variety. An ideal addition to any school reading program, the series has many stylistic features and plot lines that can be studied and explored.

Features include:

  • Short chapters perfect for guided reading sessions
  • Non-threatening, easy-to-read type with plenty of white space
  • Text interspersed with graphics and informal text types
  • Contemporary look matched with contemporary stories
  • Topics and themes full of humour
  • A variety of different genres
  • Perfect stepping stone into more complex fiction
  • Appeal for both boys and girls
  • Written by Australian and New Zealand authors.

Each title also has accompanying Classroom Ideas that are available to download here.

Build up a great collection of authors, stories and genres over time with this fantastic series. With more stories being released every year, this series will encourage and develop further reading.

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